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CRI≥90 LED Strips

CRI≥90 3020 LED Strips

CRI≥90 3020 LED Strips

QL Light Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China led tape light manufacturers and suppliers with professional factory. Welcome to wholesale products from us.

CRI≥90 Version: very suitable for the application that require high color rendering. It will give you a true color.

Features of QL Constant Current Strips:

1. Constant current version: with stable current, suitable for high quality requirements project.
2. DC12V/DC24V input: Can work with any DC12V/DC24V PWM control system.
3. can work with unstable power supply and without damage. 
4. with temperature Sensor: Can lower the current to protect itself when the temperature is too high.
5. Brightness uniform: With same brightness from the first end to the last end for around 10m.

◆ LED Type: CRI≥90 SMD3020
◆ Input Voltage: DC24V
◆ Color: 2500-7000K
◆ LED Qty: 126LED/m
◆ Beam Angle: 120 degree
◆ IP Ratio: IP20, IP67 Version
◆ IP20: Non-waterproof Version
◆ IP67: With Silicone Tube


Color Rendering Testing Report:

Different IP version:


1. Decorative lighting for festivals, events, shows, exhibitions
2. Architectural lighting for canopy, corridor, window, archway,
3. Backlight or edge light for signage
4. Path or contour marking
5. Channel letter lighting

LED Knowledge: 

Copied from LED NEWS.ORG (
The characteristics required by LED substrate material
The quality of LED epitaxial wafers depends on the substrate material and the epitaxial technology; it’s the cornerstone of semiconductor lighting industry. Different substrate materials require different epitaxial growth technology, chip processing technology and device packaging technology. Substrate material determines the roadmap for semiconductor lighting technology. The quality substrate material depends on the following eight items:
1) Good conductivity: can be made up and down layers.
2) Chemical characteristic is stable: can not be decomposed and corroded in the epitaxial growth temperature and the atmosphere.
3) The crystal structure of substrate material with the same or similar as epitaxial material, crystal constant with less mismatch, good crystallinity and small defect density.
4) Low price.
5) Good optical performance, the substrate absorbs less light emitted by the device.
6) Large size, generally require no less than 2 inches in diameter.
7) Good thermal properties, including thermal conductivity and thermal mismatch.
8) Good mechanical properties: devices processed easily, including thinning, polishing and cutting, etc.

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